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What is a London Towne ES PTA Room Parent?
A PTA Room Parent serves an important link between the PTA and parents in their child’s classroom. It is our goal to have Room Parent teams that will be comprised of two parents from each classroom and one Room Parent coordinator per grade.

What are PTA Room Parent Responsibilities/Duties?
The Room Parent will primarily help families learn about PTA events and if requested, assist the teacher in getting families involved in the class. You may be called upon from time to time, to enlist the assistance of other parents in your class for help in PTA or school activities. The teacher assigned duties encompassed in this role vary from teacher to teacher and grade to grade. The classroom teacher will contact you if he/she wishes to incorporate additional responsibilities.

What is the time required?
Room parents will have more work in the early fall as they touch base with all the families and the teacher. After that, they would probably spend about 30 minutes, twice a month, contacting families about school, PTA and classroom activities. The Room Parent is often in charge of recruiting parents to help with the class directory, Tuesday folder “stuffing” and class parties.

How do I find out more about this position or to sign up?!
Parents interested in being their child's Room Parent should contact the teacher.