London Towne Elementary PTA

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Program Committee

Kristin Malo Appreciation Events/Hospitality

Helping give back to our teachers, staff and facility, by organizing gift basket and luncheons. Or whatever you think would make them know we appreciate all they do. As well as providing snacks or meals for special events, holidays and work days throughout the year.

OPEN Beautification/Grounds
OPEN International Night

This event promotes appreciation and celebration of our cultural diversity and heritage in October. Organization or performing volunteers are welcome.

OPEN Library/Clinic/Office Aides

Assistance is needed in these locations during the school year.

OPEN Lost and Found

Maintain lost and found areas in the school, send home reminders as needed, arrange for periodic open house for parents to come in and look through lost items.

OPEN Minority Achievement

Liaison between WHS-MAC and LTES.

OPEN School Directory

Organize and produce the annual student directory.

OPEN School Photographer

All parents are called on to do their part. When taking your camera to an event, be sure to pass those pictures along to the school for Yearbook shot approval.

Tricia Jewell Special Education Liaision
OPEN Technology Initiatives Committee
Jen Cobos & Kate Vasquez Bilingual Liaison

Multi-lingual assistance, any language and especially Spanish. Translation of printed material and coordination with the LTES Parent Liaison to reach non-English speakers throughout the school year.

OPEN Student Competitions

Organizing set up, ticket sales, games, bingo, food and fun for the entire family. Great time to come out and support our community.

OPEN Title I Parent Advisory Committee (TPAC) Representative

The Title I Parent Advisory Committee consists of parents representing the 46 Title I schools.