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The Parent Teacher Association (PTA): Everyone Benefits!

MISSION: To enhance the academic success of LTES students by celebrating and supporting all families with opportunities for meaningful school and community involvement.

More than 30 years of research shows that children do better when their parents and families are involved both at home and at school. Grades are higher. Test scores rise. Self-esteem grows. Schools improve. You can make these outcomes a reality for your child, your school, and your community by being involved in the PTA. Everyone benefits from your involvement in the PTA. Here are great reasons to join:

Have You Joined the PTA?

The PTA at London Towne is as unique and diverse as the school for which it works and every family at London Towne has valuable skills and talents to offer that will strengthen the PTA's ability to achieve its mission. Annual membership for the school year is $10 for parents. In addition to your membership, we value our volunteers.

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