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Spring 2019 After School Enrichment Programs

Registration Is Closed — Classes End May 30

The PTA is happy to offer these classes to enhance your child’s learning outside of the traditional classroom. Registration is open until March 31, 2019.

  • No classes on school holidays or early dismissal days.
  • IMPORTANT: Parents MUST wait outside the Kiss and Ride door #6 to pick up their children when class is dismissed. Bus service will not be offered for this program. For their safety, all children will need to be signed out after class by a sibling over 13 or an adult unless they are enrolled in SACC. No one will be permitted to walk home alone. Parents are responsible for picking up their child/children on time.  Enrichment class teachers are from outside businesses and are not able to stay past class dismissal time.  More than two late pickups of 5-10 minutes, or more than one late pickup of greater than 10 minutes, will result in termination from the class with no refund. 

Classes Available

> Download the Spring Enrichment Flyer

Super Soccer Stars for Grades K-2 & 3-6 meets every Tuesday that school is in session starting 4/2 - 5/28 for 8 weeks, $90. GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLL! Take your game to the next level! Join us for Shooting Stars Soccer and learn to play Soccer like the pros! Coaches will teach you skills like dribbling, passing, trapping, shooting and defense. This program emphasizes fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship. Have a blast and make new friends playing World Cup Tournament, Battle Balls, Trapper 500, Corner Kick Challenge and Soccer Knockout. Don't miss out on what the rest of the world already knows; it’s a beautiful game - sign up today! Offered by Overtime Athletics. Download the Overtime Athletics Flyer

Minecraft Modding for Grades 1-4 meets every Wednesday that school is in session starting 4/3 - 5/29 for 8 weeks, $140. Minecraft Modding teaches students important problem-solving and design skills by making changes to the popular multiplayer game itself. Programming fundamentals are reinforced by designing and implementing large-scale Minecraft modifications. Our instructors offer individualized attention and mentorship throughout our course, so students will learn at their pace following their personal learning style and interests. Students end their time with us with their mods, which they may add to their personal Minecraft games. Offered by STEM exCEL. Download the STEM exCEL Flyer

Python Programming for Grades 4-6 meets every Wednesday that school is in session starting 4/3 - 5/19 for 8 weeks, $130. Python is a widely-used, easily understood, object-oriented programming language. It is usually the first language taught, and is hugely beneficial for younger students to learn as an introductory computer programming course. In this STEM exCEL Python course, students acquire a solid understanding of object-oriented and structured programming by completing exercises and developing programs to solve objectives assigned by our experienced Python instructors. By the end of the course, students will be able to take their programs home, along with new skills to develop their own Python programs. Offered by STEM exCEL. Download the STEM exCEL Flyer

Kaboom Kickball/ Big Swing Wiffleball for Grades K-2 and 3-6 (2 groups) meets every Thursday that school is in session starting 4/4 - 5/30 for 8 weeks, $90. Join OTA for this playground favorite! Knock it out of the park with a big kick and use those same feet to motor around the bases. This program is all about playing the game. More game time equals more fun! This program isn't baseball – it's better! Everyone gets hits and no one strikes out in this version of America's favorite pastime. The fundamentals of throwing, catching and hitting are taught through games like Soft Toss, Base Runners, Home Run Derby and 500 Flies. Both new and seasoned players will love getting BIG hits with our favorite game, Tennis-Racquet Baseball. It's wiffle ball with a racquet! No real baseball equipment is used to ensure a safe playing environment. Sign up today before it's going, going, GONE! Offered by Overtime Athletics. Download Overtime Athletics Flyer