London Towne Elementary PTA

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Meet the Board

Executive Board

  • Liz Neuenschwander


  • Emily McKenna
    1st Vice President

    Over sees all internal committees and events within the London Towne School

  • Kristine Rosario
    2nd Vice President

    Over sees all external committees and events within the Community for fund raising.

  • OPEN
    3rd Vice President

     Volunteer Coordinator, works closely with all events that require volunteers, as well as the teachers

  • Christina Duron

    Responsible for all financial transactions in London Towne PTA.

  • Mary Ellen Moss

    Responsible for keeping written records for all PTA meetings

Standing Committee & Chairpersons

  • OPEN
    Audit Committee
  • Elizabeth Burden
    Bylaws Committee Chair
  • Sheela Kathuria
    Enrichment Committee Chair

    Assist in developing and coordinating the events, with outside vendors. Filing county paperwork, working with the school for location of classes, developing spread sheets for classes and distribution of scholarships. Fall and spring sessions, each lasting for 8 weeks.

  • Cayce Utley
    Finance Committee Chair

    Develop the PTA budget and advise the Board on financial decision.

  • Janeen Parrott
    Membership Chair

    Responsible for reciting PTA Membership throughout the facility and student body, keeping track of paid members/volunteers, collecting of fees. Assist with the school directory.

  • Elizabeth Burden
    Newsletter Chair

    Responsible for the continuing of an existing Newsletter, published monthly.

  • Elizabeth Burden

    Responsible for maintaining the PTA Website, Facebook Page, Mailing Lists, and other social media.


Program Committees

  • Kristin Malo
    Appreciation Events/Hospitality

    Helping give back to our teachers, staff and facility, by organizing gift basket and luncheons. Or whatever you think would make them know we appreciate all they do. As well as providing snacks or meals for special events, holidays and work days throughout the year.

  • OPEN
  • OPEN
    Field Day

    Organization and volunteers are needed to help plan and set up the events for the children.

  • OPEN
    International Night

    This event promotes appreciation and celebration of our cultural diversity and heritage in October. Organization or performing volunteers are welcome.

  • OPEN
    Library/Clinic/Office Aides

    Assistance is needed in these locations during the school year.

  • OPEN
    Lost and Found

    Maintain lost and found areas in the school, send home reminders as needed, arrange for periodic open house for parents to come in and look through lost items.

  • OPEN
    Minority Achievement

    Liaison between WHS-MAC and LTES.

  • OPEN
    School Directory

    Organize and produce the annual student directory.

  • OPEN
    School Photographer

    All parents are called on to do their part. When taking your camera to an event, be sure to pass those pictures along to the school for Yearbook shot approval.

  • Janeen Parrott
    Sixth Grade Committee

    Yearlong help is needed.   This committee helps the students raise money for their 6th grade tshirts and the End of Year Party.

  • OPEN
    Special Education
  • OPEN
    Technology Initiatives Committee
  • OPEN
    Thanksgiving Luncheon

    Organizing volunteer schedule, selling tickets and hosting for a family lunch. Flexible schedule is available.

  • OPEN

    Multi-lingual, we need your help, any language welcome. Translation of printed material and PTA Meetings is needed throughout the school year.

  • OPEN
    Yearbook & Graphics

    Organizing, content, layout, orders, sales and distribution as well as gathering pictures and art work through our Art Teachers and Students.


Fundraising Chairpersons

  • Janeen Parrott
    Fundraising Chairperson

    Organization, set up, support for fundraising events during the school year.

  • OPEN
    Bingo Night

    Volunteers needed for organization, set up, & number calling for this fun event in the winter.

  • OPEN

    Fun Run Fundraiser - Kids solicit pledges and donations.   Boosterthon does a lot of the work. Volunteers help advertise the event, help the kids during the run, and count money.

  • Sandi Williams
    Box Tops and Giants Bucks

    (Silent) Fundraiser: Set up of rewards going to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place classes.

  • OPEN
    Campbell Labels

    Collection and maintaining a tally of all Campbell Soup labels collected from classes throughout the year. Set up of rewards going to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place classes.

  • Andrea Stevens
    Family Fun Fair

    Organizing set up, ticket sales, games, bingo, food and fun for the entire family. Great time to come out and support our community.

  • OPEN
    Movie Night

    Organize, promote and sell tickets for this Family Fun Night.

  • Maria Mahoney
    Scholastic Book Fair

    Assist with organization, set up, sales, stocking and working with the children.

  • OPEN
    Silent Auction

    Soliciting donations from local organizations. This year this event runs concurrently with Bingo Night.

  • Katie Clare
    Spirit Nights

    Working with various kid friendly restaurants in the community to help support our school.

  • Kristin Malo
    Spirit Sales

    Solicit school for new artwork for current school year tee design. Maintain inventory, and monitor sales throughout the year at existing events.

  • OPEN
    Volleyball Games

    A fun spirited event of London Towne Facility against a local school facility. Help needed to sell tickets and food.

  • OPEN
    Family Dance

    Organizing set up, ticket sales, games, bingo, food and fun for the entire family. Great time to come out and support our community.

  • OPEN
    Student Competitions

    Organizing set up, ticket sales, games, bingo, food and fun for the entire family. Great time to come out and support our community.

Volunteer Questions? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator.